VENEZIANA The Ghosts Of The Carnival And Other Stories – new photo book on


VENEZIANA The Ghosts Of The Carnival And Other Stories, my most recent portfolio-photo book, is available on


Large Format Landscape (13 x 11 inches, 33 x 28 cm), 80 pgs, Premium Paper with Hardcover and Dust Jacket.

Intro from back cover:

During these years of photography I made myself used to always catching the immediate atmosphere of a place – my photo approach and technique are expression of an instinctive attitude, I like to let the eye and the mind run free when spotting the subject, framing, composing.

Such point of view makes Venezia a particularly easy task because this one-of-a-kind location is so incredibly rich, like a goldmine of details suggesting infinite variations – even subjects not anywhere else worth of consideration in Venezia become peculiar, unique. It is perhaps the subtle feeling of decay, corrosion and neverending motion that give soul and life to stones, walls, bridges – there is no escape from imagining and telling stories, and using the obvious like gondolas and masks, poles and seagulls doesn’t feel for once wrong because they are still a basic ingredient, key elements of the atmosphere, and in most cases the catalyzers of the composition. It is of course never easy to concentrate in the continuos flows of mass tourism, which especially in Venezia is like a plague – but, as in most cases in my experience, photography helps in getting into the mood of a place even in “distracting” situations.

A tech note for those of you who may be interested… All the images in the portfolio have been taken in Venezia on February 2009, over the days of the Carnival, with my current double-camera setup in what I call “double view” – The Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III handling the “regular” lenses (in this case mostly the Canon 70-200 2.8 L-is with the 1.4 extender which makes it a 98-280 f/4) and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II handling the selective focus view via the Lensbaby Muse fitted with the “yellow single optic” and f/2.8 aperture – I actually consider it the updated version of my favorite selective focus lens, the Original Lensbaby, which I have been extensively using over these last two years.


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  1. beautiful.

  2. Very nice and delicate shot

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