I could say – not bad for someone who said “I’ll never use small sensors again”.

When I got my iPhone 4 (that’s part of my transition to the Apple world, since now I use the iMac as my main photo processing machine and the MacBook Pro for everything else) I eventually started using its 5-MP camera, and soon I got the Hipstamatic 185 app. I was instantly amazed – this thing does all the darkroom work I’d do, and it’s like it’s reading my mind every time. It started as a game sort of but I think it’s now getting “serious” – I think the Hipstamatic is an incredible vision machine, and it gets me exactly where I want – the grainy and contrasty BWs, the halos and “films defects”, the heavy vignetting, it’s all there where I’d like it – even ghostly and faded nuances of color in monochrome shots.

The Hipstamatic gallery is now featured on my website http://www.lucalacchephotography.net; a selection is also on my Art Limited gallery  http://lucalacche.portfolio.artlimited.net.


One Response to “Hipstamatic”

  1. For sure an amazing series… the hipstamatic seems to be more than just a funny tool… great work as usual, bravo Luca

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