About Luca Lacche Photography

Photographer since the early 80s, I live and work in Italy. Portfolios with my recent photographic productions can be viewed on my website lucalacchephotography.net and on Art Limited.

My favorite photographic technique is selective focus, and my  tool of choice in most cases is the Lensbaby selective focus lens. This lens and technique help me getting close to that photo mood I like – the plastic camera and lo-fi photography, Holga, Diana, the polaroids, toy cameras.

Please visit my Lensbaby Guru Gallery on Lensbaby.com.

Please feel free to check out my previous posts on my old blog on Blogspot.


One Response to “About Luca Lacche Photography”

  1. Hi, I found your work on the lensbaby guru page and really enjoyed looking at your work. I have been intrigued by the lensbaby and yet disappointed in the majority of results and then every once in awhile there is work that is exciting. I’ve been doing a lot of motion or impressionist photography and wondering if the LB is a natural progression from that http://lynnwiles.wordpress.com/tag/motion/

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