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Second gig this year… I received (and accepted) an invite to become contributing photographer by Arcangel Images of Malaga, Spain. They’re a British-Spanish imaging agency, ad this is how they describe themselves: “The Arcangel photo library specialises in supplying some of the most inspirational, creative and unique rights-protected Imagery to be found in the stock industry. We represent some of the finest International photographers, artists and illustrators in the creative market (…) Our images are used by book publishers, record labels, design, advertising agencies and magazine publishers worldwide”.

They invited me because (their words) “We feel your images would appeal greatly to our clients” – and since they mainly work with publishers for book covers and such, I do think that my photos would definitely be a match. I consider all this a good opportunity.


2 Responses to “Arcangel Images”

  1. Hi again Luca,
    How are you getting on with them so far?
    I have been with arcangel for a couple of years now but haven’t sold anything yet. Sure, I only have around seventy images with them, but I do feel that the shots I’ve got with them aren’t far off the mark for book covers etc. Maybe I should shoot more upright stuff. But the stuff they have on their site looks impressive so I’m staying with them for the time

  2. 2 Maria Bogdanova

    Interesting, if someone sold something on this site? I didn’t listened about this. How to chek, that it works right. There are a lot of my best works there.

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